BME 50 Classic Engine BME 50 Classic
Engine Mounts
Displacement 50.1 cc Available seperately for $22.95
Horse Power 5.5  
Recommended 2 blade props 22 x 10, 23 x 8  
Weight 3.25 lbs  
50 Classic $514.95  
Standard Muffler $89.95  
Pitts style Muffler $139.95  
BME 58 Xtreme Engine BME 58 Xtreme BME 58 Xtreme Muffler  
Displacement 58.15 cc  
Horse Power (HP) 6.0                                                                     
Recommend 2 blade props 23 x 8, 23 x 10, 24 x 8                            
Weight 2.68 lbs                                                                                    
58 Extreme $634.95  
Standard muffler $89.95  
Pitts Style Muffler$139.95  
1BME 116 Xtreme Engine BME 116 Xtreme BME 116 Xtreme Mufflers  
Displacement 116.3 cc  
Horse Power 12.0  
Recommendedc 2 blade props 28 x 10, 28 x 12, 29 x 10, 30 x 8  
Weight 4.56 lbs  
116 Extreme $1185.95  
Twin mufflers for 116 Extreme $169.95  
1BME 150 Xtreme Engine BME 150 Xtreme
Displacement 149 cc
Horse Power 16.5
Recommended 2 blade props 30 x 10, 3 blade 27 x 12
Weight 6.25 lbs
150 LT $1349.95
Twin Mufflers $169.95
                                                  .90 ci  $439.95
Announcing the new BME G90 Engine... the first quality/performance gas engine this small ever made! The .90 engine is the same size and weight as the .60 and .75 so why not go for a .90 get morebang for the buck? This new engine is a gas conversion from a SuperTigre .90 glow engine, so it comes with all the history and reputation of the SuperTigre engine line, combined with the engineering expertise of BME Engines... Quality you can trust with robust construction that will last a lifetime.The G90 runs on 32:1 gas/oil mix, so it's economical to operate. 1 ounce will run for 3 minutes at full power. The fuel savings alone will pay for the engine in a short period of time. Plus, there's no oily mess to clean up (who likes to wipe all that oily film left from glow fuel anyway?)
You get a custom built BME crankshaft, connecting rod and piston (needle bearings for gasoline/oil mix). A custom modified crankcase and housing from BME was also in order for optimum gasoline operation.Because we use a Zama pump carburetor, you can now mount your fuel tank anywhere... the carb will pump fuel just like all other gas engines, much better transition and no dead sticks. Experience the ease of electronic ignition... easy to hand start with no glow plugs or glow drivers, and, no field box full of support equipment. Get no weight penalty since the engine weighs about the same and the ignitionwith battery weight is offset by the reduced fuel tank capacity required. The G90 is supplied with a stock muffler but you can use any aftermarket muffler that works on the SuperTigre 90 glow engine.
recommended props 13 x 6, 14 x6
Yes, no more rusty bearings as with glow engines (gas and oil are natural lubricants and do not absorb moisture from the air as glow fuel does.) That's right... more power and a larger carb, electronic ignition and special BME modifications all add up to an engine that has no power loss and is like a .60 size plane on steroids!
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