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Updated 11/21/2014

On sale ! 100,102 and 105 mufflers $149.95            Welcome to BME, one of the largest model airplane engine companies in the USA.
We at BME hope to set a new standard for which other R/C model engine companies want to emulate. Our goal is to provide products that excel not only in performance and durability but also remain competitively priced! We want everyone to know that we are here for the duration and that supporting customers is our number one priority!

As you can tell we have been extremely busy in the past few months with all the new changes and are excited about our product offerings.  To start with, our gas engines are the lightest available in the market, while producing more power than any other engine in their class.  This will provide a competitive edge to all who enjoy R/C aviation. We are also proud of the fact that all of our engines are designed,developed and manufactured here locally in the good old US of A.  We still service all of our previous models of engines.

Thank you for your patience and confidence as we strive to make BME better than ever!

Tom Lundstedt and the BME Staff.



Extreme 116116 Xtremes $1185.00
$1245.00 w/C&H ignition.

To place an order,
call us at 620-321-0065
or email us at

flagDesigned, developed,
manufactured, and
built in America
by Americans.




arrow"Introducing" BME 50 Classic!
Several of our customers have requested that we reintroduce the original "Beam Mounted" BME 50cc engine. The components have been manufactured and we are now shipping 50cc Classics!




Our engines require no special "break-in" procedure. We run them before we ship them out to make sure the rings are seated. We do not recommend bench running or any type of extended running on the ground to shorten the "break-in" period. All this does is creates alot of heat and excessive cylinder and head temps leading to a burned  up engine. This is due to no airflow to cool the engine as there is when it is in the air flying  

Attention: All BME Xtreme engines must use premium fuel or Aviation 100 LL  fuel would be best. This is due to the overall poor quality of pump gas and the higher compression ratio of our engines. Engine damage due to detonation or preignition will not be covered under warranty.

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